Impacting the Lives of God's People

Welcome to NEWBOOK!

NEWBOOK is a Christian social media site developed by Double Impact Ministries. DOUBLE IMPACT! IMPACTING THE LIVES OF GOD’S PEOPLE EVERYWHERE! We are a community that's geared towards not only building the natural man, but the spiritual man as well. NEWBOOK provides you with the resources and information needed to maintain your spiritual and natural health. We want your help in building God’s Kingdom. We want to take NEWBOOK.CC to a level where we are impacting the lives of Gods people worldwide. Come and join our Christian community based website where you can minister, counsel, preach the gospel, and share your ideas.

This site is currently under construction. NEWBOOK will be undergoing massive changes in order to better serve the community and those who wish to participate in building a community where people can come and receive all the help that they need. Please continue to use NEWBOOK as a member. Sign in privileges are still granted! Become a member today and please share this site with others. Register on your right! God Bless!